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Typography- Editorial Design

Jan-April 2024

Skills: Illustrations, Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop, Copywriting


I worked with a partner on a 48 page editorial. We had to write and gather content with permissions from borrowed/used photos/articles. We had 3 features and interviewed people to find and tell a story through them. This magazine is all about basketball and their communities. For players of all levels, with a focus on women and basketball but expanding the conversation outside of that! 


Below are some of the pages/spreads I designed (remaining on pdf linked below) . Meant to feel handmade, with handwritten type and drawings that I I sketched. Designs are personable, edgy, playful, sporty, and colourful, like the game itself.

Editor spread, picture spread, and ripple effect were also designed by me!

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